The cover-up.

sassyI’m going to say it…. why as moms, do we tend to sugarcoat everything? For example, you may hear: “He just needs a nap.” What she really means is: “He’s being an a-hole, but I refuse to blame him.” Or someone asks you: “Is your kid potty trained?” Translated, that means: “Mine is, and I want to show off.” Or my personal favorite: “She’s just being sassy” – which means: “My 4-year-old has become a real bitch.” Get real – your little one slapping you and screaming “no way!” definitely reaches bitch status.

Can we just stop covering up? (I’m talking to myself as well.) I say, let loose. Come clean. Unburden yourself. Really, just saying out loud: “My kid was just an f-ing asshole” can be more cathartic than you think! At the very least, it will make me feel less guilty that I sometimes hide in my room and curse out my kid under my breath for survival. Plus, I find comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one whose child occasionally makes Chuckie look good.

Let’s just get real.

So I’ll start… Sometimes I’m not sure my daughter ate one nutritious thing all day. I constantly chase my 3-year-old around the house to get him dressed – and he wins. And my 6-year-old even said she hated me (Hell, I waited until I was 13 to say that!).
These are just some of my dirty little secrets. The ones that keep me up at night – and I bury down deep during the day. Until now.

So does that give me a Scarlett letter? Or are there others like me?
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