Attack of the birthday invites…

bday inviteEvites come at you like grenades. Times conflict, making your head spin. And you realize you have one more gift to buy after you just left the store. Yes, it’s birthday party time – and for me, they’re not a piece of cake. Call me a party pooper, but these parties are getting in the way of what little time I have.  Unless it’s a drop-off party, that is. That on the other hand, puts me in a festive mood.

Don’t get me wrong, once I’m there it’s actually quite adorable seeing my little one frolicking amongst his friends with wild abandon while I make small talk with other moms (assuming they’re not the bitchy type. I send my husband to those parties). But these parties take on a life of their own – swallowing up entire weekends and forcing me to realize that I need some type of Birthday Party Management System. My husband learned that the hard way, when I sent him to a party on the wrong day. Eeks. Another award-winning mommy moment.

And don’t get me started on the pizza. I know kids love it – I serve it as well. But when you’re starving, counting points, and missed a yoga class due to this event – it adds insult to injury. So thank you to the moms who put out the veggie tray.  Whether it’s from a farmer’s market or Shop Rite - a measly carrot never looks as good as it does then.  

Plus, it’s sad to say that although I always make sure to get gift receipts, I often lose them by the time I wrap the gift. So after spending a decent amount on these presents, I fear there are some moms who think I’m a “re-gifter.” To set the record straight – that is not the case. I’m just unorganized.

I may not hold a candle to other moms who have this whole birthday party thing under control. But for now, I’m taking it one birthday at a time…

How about you?


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