Empty threats

threatsEver try to get your kids in line by counting to 3 – yet you have no idea what will happen if they still don’t behave? Or threaten to cancel a playdate when you know you never will? I swore I’d never do this, but I occasionally fall into the trap. These empty threats reveal that I’m full of shit. But sometimes I’m so desperate; they fall off the tip of my tongue:

 “If you run away from me, we’re not going to Hershey Park!” 

“ If you say one more potty word, Grandma is not visiting from Florida!”

 “You better listen by the count of 3, or else…”

Uggh, I sound like this antiquated, stereotypical mom – I even annoy myself.  

I thought I was so above this. But then again, I also thought I was above raising my voice, which turned out to be another preposterous notion.

Is it possible to keep your kids in line without ever talking smack?

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