When can I tell your kid to shut the F up?

shut f upWe’ve all been there. Some snotty little bastard is terrorizing your kid and the mom is totally oblivious. And what if that mom is your good friend? Neighbor? Or even your sister, for that matter?

Let’s face it, whether you know that mom or not, you have a situation on your hands. One of the many you’d never anticipated when you dreamt of the fabulous mommy life you’d have. You know, the one where you enjoyed a delightful lunch with your friends, while your perfect kids played amongst themselves and you could finish a sentence. But back to reality – what do you do? Can you give “Chuckie” a piece of your mind?

On one hand, you would go to the ends of the earth to defend your child. So what if the culprit still uses a sippy cup? Perhaps, putting this kid in his place is the noble thing to do. After all, you may be protecting the world from its next serial killer – or even worse, some evil politician.  Though if you’re like me, reality sets in and you keep your mouth shut. After all, curse out a 3-year-old – and you’re f’d.  Kiss future playdates good-bye and good mommy friends will be even harder to come by than they already are.

So we all suffer in silence. Holding our tongues. And waiting for they day when the little monster gets his ass kicked… by someone his own age.

Have you felt close to cursing out a kid?

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